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As an author, Stephanie Stokes Oliver has published

two books of inspirational nonfiction, a political memoir, and an anthology of elite writers.


Her writing has also been included in the anthologies Conversations with Maya Angelou, Conversations with Nikki Giovanni, My Father Married Your Mother: Dispatches from the Blended Family, and Sacred Secrets: Finding Your Way to Joy, Peace, and Prosperity. 



The books below are available at,, and independent booksellers nationwide.


Literary Legends on the Peril, Power, and Pleasure of Reading and Writing


Throughout American history, Black people are the only group to have been forbidden by law to learn to read. This unique collection seeks to shed light on that injustice and subjugation, as well as the hard-won literary progress made, putting some of America's most cherished voices in conversation in one magnificent volume that makes reading an act of resistance.


"An enticing introduction to African-American writing from the 19th century to the present...This work of discovery, recovery, and uncovering is, for any reader, an eye-opener."

--Publishers Weekly

Memoir of an All-American Family

If you grow up African-American, you are considered a minority in U.S. society. If your family is also Republican, having held loyal for generations to the "Party of Lincoln," you are a minority within the minority.


In this memoir, Stephanie tells the story of her father, Charles M. Stokes, a pioneering politician and judge, who was born in Kansas, as well as the history of Blacks in the Republican Party. It's a coming-of-age tale painted with rebellion and disagreement, couched in mutual love and respect. 

For Finding Your Purpose and Minding Your Mission

Quick--what is your purpose in life? Seven Soulful Secrets (Doubleday) helps readers identify their purpose and then provides the tools to carry out the mission.


In seven chapters with headings that spell out ULTIMACY, Stephanie gives readers a blueprint for a purposeful way of living. 

365 Secrets for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

Daily Cornbread endeavors to help readers make every day a special day. Written in an affirming style that is prescriptive, but not preachy, fun but not frivolous, Daily Cornbread gives fitness tips, and self-esteem builders, along with spiritual uplift. 


Still in print since its publication in 1999, Daily Cornbread can be found in print, e-book, and as a Facebook page.  Have some cornbread today! 

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