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Proposal Submission Guidelines




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Scouting literary projects for Atria Books, SSO Media is accepting submissions in the nonfiction categories of inspiration & spirituality, memoir & biography, self-help, and business & finance. To develop a nonfiction proposal, please include the following elements:


·         OVERVIEW 

o    In addition to the title and subtitle, a one-line description of the book (for an example, see the blurbs on the New York Times bestseller list).

o    Summary (what will reader learn?)

o    Why this book?


·         AUTHOR'S STORY

o    Bio

o    Include author photo



o    Platform

o    Publications



o    Social Network

o    Website



o    Books published

o    Sales figures



o    Comparable and competitive books on the market

o    Sales figures


·         CONTINUITY

o    Possible future projects


·         CONTENTS

o    For nonfiction books, full Table of Contents with paragraph description for each chapter


·         SAMPLE PAGES

o    If completed, full manuscript

o    If work-in-progress, Intro (if applicable) and first 50 pages


*Feel free to include links to archival articles, blogs, publications, or other online media coverage.

To submit, use email header: Atria Book Proposal: [title of project]. Include cover letter in email text, and attach in Word (or low-res PDF) your two documents: the proposal and the sample pages (please double-space in manuscript format). Please allow 30-60 days for review.


If you have a book concept that you feel strongly about, passionately wish to pursue, and think there is a readership for it, we are interested in helping you to develop your proposal into a publishing project for consideration by the editors of Atria. However, if you would like SSO Media to help you brainstorm book ideas before creating your proposal, an hourly consultation rate can be arranged.


Please note that we do not accept fiction collections or novels. Due to the large volume of submissions, those that do not meet these guidelines, in this format, may not be considered or acknowledged.


Send completed submission using the subject header Atria Books Proposal and the title of your project to:

Stephanie Stokes Oliver

Atria Books | International Literary Scout


For more information about Atria Books, visit:



We look forward to reviewing your book project!